We are dedicated to formulating and designing premium quality products that not only contain the finest ingredients available to us, but perform to the standards of the masters behind the brand, with equal respect to the environment.

LAVETT&CHIN® was founded by Nan Chin and Brent Lavett in 1999 with the Original Seasalt texturizing mist which became an instant must-have in any hairstyling regimen and with a combined fourty years of experience in the beauty industry we will settle for absolutely nothing but the best.

We are blessed to be surrounded by amazing chemists and advisors which enables us to continually research, develop and innovate exceptional products that are both environmentally and socially responsible ( see our promise ). Many of the ingredients that we incorporate into our blends are sourced from some of the most remote places on Earth and blended into the some of the more unique, functional and desirable products that you can find. 

It is our honor to design beautiful formulations for you.

About Our Blends

Our blends are formulated in the most innovative way, using meticulously selected ingredients that are both functional and beneficial. We utilize natural preservatives and organic emulsifiers.

We will not use sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes or fragrances.

We support small companies, co-ops, family owned farms world wide where ingredients are responsibly harvested and produced.

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