Containing anti-fungal, antiviral, as well as anti-bacterial qualities this formulation is a perfect balance of seven simple ingredients for the skin. Water penetrates immediately carrying the formula straight into the skin for instant benefits and the results are amazing.

This blend has been designed to be both refreshing and light whilst delivering antioxidants, nutrients and moisture. Featuring the highly humectant coconut extract, honey extract and organic Bulgarian rosewater to aid in the absorption of water and retention of moisture in the skin. 

For use on all types of skin in all seasons.


Hold approximately 6-8 inches away from face and lightly mist, keeping eyes closed. Use to moisturize, refresh or tone as often as needed and any time you like.


Keep out of eyes. If contact should occur, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Do not swallow: Not intended for internal use. Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for use on children. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.


water / aqua / eau, rosa damascena (rose) flower water, cocos nucifera (coconut) extract, populus tremuloides (aspen) bark extract, glycerin, propanediol, mel (honey) extract

*Ingredients in bold are certified organic

Cocos Nucifera (coconut) extract is a concentrate of the water that is renowned for its high mineral content. As an excellent humectant, topically applied coconut has moisturizing effect and prevents water loss. It is very good at hydrating skin and works on all kinds of skins and protect the skin in all seasons. Coconut also acts as an antioxidant to prevent premature aging of your skin. Our coconut extract is from the philippines and / or malaysia.

The Aspen Bark is endemic to north america. The bark is rich with salicylates which are isolated from the bark and used for cosmetic and personal care products. Because it has strong antimicrobial properties, it is considered a natural preservative. Another feature is its ability to soften skin and is used as a natural alternative to salicylic acid. The natural salicins gently exfoliates the skin so the skin is fresh, smooth and more receptive to moisture.

Our Organic Bulgarian Rosewater are hand-harvested in the early morning, and then floated freely in the water-filled still. The essence of the rose is captured through water-steam distillation. For centuries, rosewater has been used for skin care by famously beautiful women.

The rosewater soothes and calms the skin with cell-repairing, renewing nutrients. It encourages the skin’s new cell production. surface cells renew at a faster rate. The new cells hold more moisture and collagen production is stimulated. A child’s skin is plum and seems translucent. As people age, their skin becomes flat, dull and more opaque. This is partly due to a lack of moisture retention. it is the water and natural oil in the skin that gives it the appearance of depth and radiance.

Mel (honey) extract has an abundance of natural sugars that absorb and increases the water-absorbing capacity of the skin to attract much needed moisture for drying skin, dramatically increases softness and suppleness. Besides being a strong humectant, honey has a very high content of minerals, amino acids and vitamins, including natural alpha hydroxy acids. Alpha hydroxy acids gently exfoliate the skin, promoting natural keratinization and desquamation of the skin. this is the process of the skin’s self-renewal. New cells rise to the surface and older cells slough off the surface. Honey contains natural antioxidants, which guard against free radical damage and encourage healthy cell turnover in the skin. Smoothes and restructures, and is long lasting in its moisturizing benefits.

Glycerin is hydrophilic. It is another form of sugar. It attracts and holds water, making it available for the skin as it protects the skin from dehydration.


This bottle is made of the highest quality recyclable glass which offers your products optimal protection against the harmful effects of light and increases the shelf life prolonging their potency but it can in fact break on impact so please use with caution and at your own risk.

biodegradable • paraben free • sulfate free • cruelty free • ocean safe • zero synthetic color or fragrance